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Station Road, Churchdown
Gloucestershire GL3 2NB

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Churchdown Village Infant School

Pupil Premium

 Pupil Premium is additional to main school funding. The funding is provided to address any underlying inequalities between children eligible for free school meals (FSM), have ever been eligible for free school meals in the last 6 years, looked after children, previously looked after children and Service children.

It is for schools to decide how the Pupil Premium is spent, since they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for the individual pupils within their responsibility.

Schools are free to spend the Pupil Premium as they see fit. However, they will be held accountable for how they have used the additional funding to support pupils.

Schools are required by law to publish online information about how they have used the Premium. This will ensure that parents and others are made fully aware of the attainment of pupils covered by the Premium.

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Our current strategy

Pupil Premium Funding 2021-24 (2023-24)

Historic strategies

Pupil Premium Strategy 2022 2023

Pupil Premium Funding 2021 2022