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Station Road, Churchdown
Gloucestershire GL3 2NB

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01452 714178

Churchdown Village Infant School

Welcome to

Cygnets Preschool

Please contact us to arrange a visit to see us in action!              Call 01452 714178 or email admin.cvis@glatrust.org.uk

Our Preschool, known as 'Cygnets' is an exciting place to be! We provide a safe, happy and stimulating environment where children, parents, carers and visitors feel welcomed and valued as members of our school community.

Children are at the heart of our decision making and actively involved in their learning. Our play based approach ensures that every child develops at their own pace and has the opportunity to experience learning in different ways. We love to get to know our children, tap into their interests and use these to support their development. We are active within the children’s play, questioning and promoting good interactions with each other encouraging curiosity and confidence to try new things. 

Relationships are really important to us and we want to work closely with families to support your child. They will be allocated a key person who will support your child throughout the day, observing and getting to know them well. 

We track their development so that activities are planned to support their individual development so that they have the chance to shine and achieve success, but also develop skills to help them when facing new challenges.

About us


We are located in the heart of Churchdown, serving our local community. Cygnets offer children aged 3 -5 years old a secure play environment in which they can learn and develop into happy, confident and competent children.

Our staff team are dedicated, hardworking and committed to providing a high standard of care and education to all the children at Cygnets.

All of our Practitioners have Child Protection and First Aid training. This is a requirement for anyone joining the team. 

Play underpins the delivery of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS) and we aim to provide all children with a broad and balanced range of experiences in order that they develop socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically and morally.

We offer a wealth of activities including free-play; spiritual, moral, social and cultural opportunities; role-play; music and movement; exploration through outside play, sand and water; arts and crafts and visiting experts. Additional activities include French and Forest School and Balanceability are also offered to all our children as part of our Enrichment Curriculum.

Children have access to a wide range of resources to expand their learning including use of technology.  Cygnets also has access to the wealth of resources offered by Churchdown Village Infant School including the adventure playground, all-weather pitch, Forest School site and the school kitchen.

The kitchen offers a varied and healthy menu for pupils. Our catering company provides food which is locally sourced, nutritious and meets the dietary needs of all children in the care of CVIS and Cygnets.

At Cygnets we are proud of our strong and secure links with our families and external professionals. 

Cygnets has been running since 1997 and was amalgamated under the Churchdown Village Infant School governorship in 2011. We are now part of the Gloucestershire Learning Alliance, a small trust of eight schools with 2 onsite nurseries and pre-schools. The GLA has developed a positive reputation for quality-first teaching and learning, sharing the immense expertise, talent and experience across the individual academies, working with schools in special measures as well as supporting schools through bespoke training.

How does coming to Cygnets Preschool benefit your child?

Above all, Cygnets is a great place to be. Every day there are fun things to do, new things to learn, exploring to be done and best of all, friends to share it with.

Attending a Preschool setting provides your child with an important introduction into the social world of interaction, sharing, talking with others and learning to play co-operatively. This is supported by the sensitive and nurturing input of the staff, who take time to listen to and talk with each child.

Your child will have many exciting experiences which are designed to support and extend their growing curiosity. They will be able to take part in activities which are planned to develop a wide range of skills and to foster a love of learning. In Cygnets, we place a great emphasis on the children’s developing creativity and sense of imagination.

Young children are natural adventurers and enjoy finding out about the world they live in. In the Cygnets, the children are actively encouraged to explore their environment. We go outside every day and in most weathers whether we can be found outside role playing on the wheeled toys, exploring the forest school and all its natural delights or exploring the adventure playground. This helps enhance their sense of surprise, curiosity and happiness.