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Welcome to Reception - Summer

In Literacy this term we will be:

Poems - Who am I?

Character profiles

Story sequencing

Non Fiction - Rainforest

In Maths this term we will be:

Recognising and estimating numbers more than/less than 10


Adding 2 single digit numbers then 1 single and a double digit number


Doubling and halving

Weight and capacity 

In Topic this term we will be:

The Rainforest

Class Teachers

Mrs Gill Western

Mrs Western

Miss Southwell

Mrs Edwards

Mrs Danson

Mrs Exelby

Miss Parkes

Class Images

Group work
Maths stars
Carpet time
Carpet time
Dinner time
Sand play
Group 2
Group 2
Group 3

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Value this Term:


Under the Sea

Our sounds and tricky words this term are:


are were what my I


when out little


he she me there one


into look that day

oa/o-e                                      ou/ow

down now just so put           do my go them to


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