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Welcome to Year Two - Summer

In Literacy writing this term we will be:

- Writing stories

- Wrtiing riddles

- Improving our work


In Maths this term we will be:

- Use all 4 main operations

- Finding fractions of shape and number

- Solving word problems


In Topic we will be focusing on a number of areas including:


- Slinkachu art

- Coding 

 - Science: solids, liquids and gases

- Geography: Human & physical features, creating our own island, finding similarities and differences between 2 locations

- Great fire of London

- Building structures

Year Two Class Teachers

Miss Gemma Western

Miss Western

Mrs Curtis

Mrs Newman

Mrs Hummel

Mrs Delaney

Miss Tredgett

Mrs Hawkins

Year Two

Mrs Perks Day 1!
Miss Western & Mrs Newman Day 1!
Paddington Collage 1
School Council
School Council


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Our Value this term is:‚Äč Responsibility

Our sounds for this term are:

The sound /zh/ spelt ‘s’

television treasure usual division vision pleasure measure usually

Won’t, don’t, can’t, didn’t, hasn’t, I’m, you’ve, she’d, he’d, they’d

Words ending in –tion

station fiction motion national section addition subtraction introduction

Can, how, who, what, when, so, they, where, one, the

Homophones and near homophones

there their they’re here hear see sea to too two

Me, my, fold, gold, told, finally, next, first, see, shape

Homophones and near homophones

be bee quite quiet bare bear one won son sun

Suddenly, however, because, small, usually, very, head, every, any, many

Homophones and near homophones 

night knight blue blew hole whole* because* so that or

Child, kind, behind, floor, were, pink, black, teddy, baby, really

Months of the year/ time

January February March April May June July August September October

Like, rain, sunshine, burn, bird, girl, poem, crack, shoe, beautiful

Months of the year/ time

November December after* past* hour* half* minute quarter month second

Said, pretty, write, jumped, howled, no, know, fire, ice, cloud, chocolate

Class Rules

  • Treat each other nicely
  • Be quiet if someone else is talking
  • Walk sensibly
  • Tuck chairs in
  • Sit nicely
  • Put your hands up
  • Look and listen to the person talking
  • Follow the class rules
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