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Welcome to Year One - Summer

In Literacy writing this term we will be:


Non chronological reports

Biographical information

In Maths this term we will be:

Coin recognition


2D and 3D shape

Position and movement

In Topic we will be focusing on a number of areas including:


Healthy Living

Year One Class Teachers

Mrs Sue Carter

Mrs Carter

Class Teacher

Miss Hobbs

Miss Hobbs

Class Teacher

Mrs Fleet

Mrs Miles

Miss Sambell

Mrs O'Brien

Mrs Hawkins

Year One

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Class photo
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Value this Term:


Class Rules

  • Treat each other nicely
  • Be quiet if someone else is talking
  • Walk sensibly
  • Tuck chairs in
  • Sit nicely
  • Put your hands up
  • Look and listen to the person talking
  • Follow the class rules


High Frequency words, (HF words) and sounds for the term:


Repeat of last week

Food pool moon zoo soon bedroom

cats dogs boys horses three four



Book took foot wood good look

Sea, read, meat, treat, seat



Boat coat road coach goal goat


Pie lie tie fried cried



Toe goes potatoes grow snow show

Th – moth, with, other, tooth, both

Ou and y

Out about mouth family very happy

Ai/ay – rain, pain, train, day, play, say

Ue ew ph wh

Tuesday new dolphin elephant when where

Oy – boy toy enjoy annoy loyal

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