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Vision and Values at C.V.I.S.


  • Show consideration and respect for people and treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves.
  • Are always honest and tell the truth.
  • Make good choices (act with integrity)
  • Are considerate and thoughtful showing empathy to others. (Emotional Intelligence)
  • Are able to listen to others and are polite.
  • Are tolerant of difference and other people’s opinions and beliefs.
  • Support everyone in our school community. Care for each other and nurture each other’s talents.
  • Work together to do the very best we can and celebrate our achievements.
  • Pupils are taught values and reasons behind laws and responsibilities that this involves as well as consequences of breaking laws/rules.
  • Understand their place in a culturally diverse society through enriched learning opportunities which establish our pupils as Global Citizens.
  • The profile of SMSC is high in our school and is taught throughout the curriculum to promote tolerance and understanding.


  • Have ambition, drive and commitment.
  • Want to persevere and understand the consequences of giving up.
  • Are able to accept and learn from mistakes and always strive to try their best.
  • Are creative problem solvers who take risks.
  • Are curious, willing to try new things and make the most of opportunities and challenges.
  • Enthusiastically take part in healthy competition whilst also being able to celebrate the achievements of others.


  • Are creative and resourceful and able to organise ourselves.
  • Take responsibility for our own actions and learning.
  • Resist distractions and make good use of time.
  • Are enthusiastic and want to learn.
  • Have a growing understanding of ourselves as learners; know what we are good at and when we need support.
  • Are confident of our skills and brave enough to offer them to a team.
  • Pupils have the opportunity to have their voices heard through our School Council and Pupil Evaluations.
  • Our school Behaviour Policy involves Rewards which the pupils vote on.


  • Feel safe and their parents believe that the school keeps their children safe.  
  • Understand the importance of rules both in school and in and around school.
  • Promote respect for  ourselves, each other  and property.
  • Pupils are actively encourages to make choices, knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Pupils are given the freedom to make their own choices.




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