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Healthy Living Week 2018

Today we started our Healthy Living Week.  During assembly in the morning we learned that it is just as important to keep your mind healthy as it is you body.  Did you know that everyone carries around an invisible bucket with them.  If the bucket is filled with positive, happy thoughts your mind will be healthy.  Adding positive thoughts to someone else's bucket means that our own buckets will be more positive too.  We discussed it is much more important to add to someone's bucket than to be a dipper and take things out.  On our school website there is a list of 50 acts of kindness which would add to anyone's positivity bucket.

After assembly we had an optician from Spec Savers come in to talk about looking after your eyes and eye sight.  We looked at some lenses and frames and had a go at reading the eye chart.  At the end of the workshop we were all given free bags with information about keeping our eyes healthy.  

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