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Science Investigation Day

Assembly - Whole School

The day began with a whole school assembly presented by Dr. Alison Rivett, Primary Science Outreach Consultant, on behalf of the University of Bristol.

Full of loud bangs and dry ice proved to be informative as well as exciting.  Alison’s assembly included demonstrations with liquid nitrogen (very cold) and dry ice (also cold), as well as various reactions that changed colour and bubbled, plus one or two explosions.  

The planned activities for the day continued along the theme of solids, liquids and gases and investigations promoted critical thinking.

Thinking is said to be critical if it has 3 features:

Effective – Critical thinking encourages a range of views of situations, promoting reasoning from an individual’s passion opposed to evidence.

Novel – Encourages the children to think and respond to stimuli in new ways opposed to remembering situations or solutions to guide you.

Self-directed – Allowing children to think and reason independently offering child-led activities for children to explore and respond to in their own way.


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