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Reception School Trip to The Sea Life Centre

What a fantastic trip!  We all had so much fun at Birmingham's Sea Life Centre.  We met lots of different sea creatures such as Beverley the giant octopus who is one year old and is currently about one metre long; Florence the Shark, Beyonceray the Ray, Malachi the giant turtle and many more.  We were met at the door by our tour guide who promptly took us into our meeting point.  We started our tour at the penguin enclosure and moved onto various pools which housed local and tropical species.  We had our own picnic dining room where we enjoyed sandwiches, fruit and chocolate cakes before proceeding to the rock pool where we stroked the starfish and enjoying the antics of the otters at the top of the centre.  Here are a few photos of the day.  More will follow tomorrow when we have had a chance to look at them together.

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