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Future Olympic Champion we think!

Ava has been doing gymnastics for over a year now.  She has worked incredibly hard to get to the standard that she is currently operating at.  We think she is exceptionally talented and if she continues to progress at the same rate she could be one of our future England Olympic champions!  

Mum said that she was really keen for her to take up some kind of club, she said 'we did try dance but it wasn't for her. So I googled gymnastics Gloucester and Checkers Acro came up. I emailed them and she got in straight away. She was in the beginner class with all the other 4 year olds but 3 weeks in and one of the coaches invited her into their mini squad as they believed she had potential. Then just before the 6 week holidays the owner said she was going to trial Ava for A squad (which is the best out of all squads) she now works with her 2 partners Paige and Ione who are both in year 7. She is also the youngest gymnast checkers have had in A squad. She trains around 12 hours a week there and has to practise her blocks everyday as well as keeping up with her reading etc so she is a busy little bee bless her.'

Very well done Ava, you are an inspiration! 


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