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Harvest Assembly 2016

Year One led our fabulous assembly this year and what a fantastic job they did too!  The confidence and clarity with which they spoke was far beyond their years.  The assembly followed an International theme with lessons on how Harvest is celebrated in India, America, West Africa, Germany and Scotland.  

In America they call Harvest Thanksgiving and is celebrated together with families sharing a meal of roast turkey. In parts of West Africa they have the Festival of Yams which celebrates the yam harvest.  In Germany they hold Octoberfest to celebrate the end of the grape harvest.  India holds many festivals to celebrate Harvest including a rice festival in the sourth and wheat in the north.  Animals are decorated with flowers, paint and jewellery as part of the celebrations.  In Scotland they have Lammas which also celebrates the wheat harvest.  A loaf of bread is made form the first harvest of wheat which is taken to church to be eaten.

We songs had an International flavour too, Pre School and Reception sang Bollywood style song, Year One a Samba and Year Two a French song.

Very well done to everyone involved and thank you to parents who attended, we do appreciate your support.

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