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Music Day 2016

It was Music Day today.  All the children took part in the workshop activities which were noisy but lots of fun!  In the Circus Workshop we used our listening and appraising skills.  We were told a  story about someone who wanted to join the circus.  We learned two songs which described the characters in a circus and then pretended to be in a circus by moving in time with the music using circus props.

The Indian Drumming workshop developed our understanding of music from other cultures.  Taj introduced us to a Dhol drum which is played in Punjab in India.  It is used to alert or tell people about something.  Taj played the Dhol using sticks and his hands.  It was very loud!  We all had a go at playing the drums.  It was a bit tricky keeping the beat.

In Reception children focused on dynamics and tempo.  They listened to a performance which used body percussion to recreate the sound of rain.  The music started off slowly and quietly and got gradually louder and quicker.  We had a go at making our own rain music.  Did you know the musical term for slow is largo, fast is allegro, quiet is piano and loud is forte?  We learned that today!

In Year One we looked at Indian instruments and  explored rhythms.  We watched clips of musicians playing their instruments and talked about how they were played and what sounds they made.  We then wrote fact files about the instruments so that others would know a little about them.  Finally we had a chose our own untuned percussion instruments to play to the class.

Year Two were focusing on performance today.  They listened to a piece of music composed by Anna Meridith called Connect It.  It used body percussion and movements to produce the sounds.  We worked in groups to work out the sounds we were going to use.  A metronome was used to help us maintain a steady beat.  Once we had worked out our pieces we performed them to the class.  We wore coloured T Shirts to school so that we could prepare a whole class performance by putting all the group pieces together.

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