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Larna Hannan & Benoit October 2015

Benoit is a favourite friend of Larna. They regularly hang out in the garden. They love climbing trees and helping to picking delicious pears. This weekend Benoit also attended the Disney circus show at the Cheltenham racecourse with Larna. He was a little afraid of the Micky-Mouse club house gang so he decided to have a nap in the car where he felt nice and safe.

We loved have Benoit visit. He was a very well behaved furry creature.

Apparently Benoit also went to Kip Mc Grath with Larna. He was not very good on the computer keyboard as his hooves were too big but he learned some year 2 maths & literature by watching Larna. Kip Mc Grath took pic and will forward them to us soon. 

Kind regards, 
The Hannan Family

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