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National Poetry Day

On Thursday 8th October we celebrated National Poetry Day.  Mrs Western started the day off with a Whole School Assembly where she recited some of her favourite poems. Then we had a go at learning a poem together which was quite tricky.  Finally some of us recited our favourite poems to the school before going back to class to continue our activities.

In Reception we learned a poem called Give it Up which had a jelly in it.  Mrs Western and Mrs Wakefield made jellies for us to wobble and describe and we even got to taste them too!

In Year One we wrote our own poems based on the book for the term which just to happens to be a rhyming story.  Our Gruffalo themed poems used lots of adjectives to describe the characters.

In Year Two we wrote acrostic poems.  Our theme for the day was Superheroes and Supervillains.  

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